Cute Cat Breeds That Stay Small

Females tend to weigh from 3-5 pounds and males are a little heavier weighing 5-7 pounds. Still their small stature scratches that itch for a forever kitten.

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By Chad Taylor.

Cute cat breeds that stay small. It originated in Louisiana USA and resulted from a spontaneous genetic mutation. Females average in at 4 to 6 pounds and males just a little bigger. With a sleek slim figure and a short fine coat that comes in four colors seal.

Cat breeds like the Munchkin the Cornish and Devon Rex and the American Curl are among the smallest of cat breeds with the Sphynx and Peterbald being at the petite end of the spectrum but the smallest of the small are the Russian Toy Bobtail and the Singapura. Its a cross between a Sphynx and a Munchkin cat according to Cat Time so its basically a Dwelf without the American Curl. Plus theyre perfect for any home thats short on space.

Its still a relatively new and controversial breed in fact it wasnt recognized as a distinct breed till 1994. Kittens are the cutest and while every one of them grows up much too fast some breeds stay petite even as adults. Generally cat owners will breed the runts or smallest cats from a.

Breeds such as the devon rex cornish rex american curl and munchkin are some of the smallest cat breeds in the world. Small cats are adorable and have just as much personality as their larger counterparts. These small cat breeds are a little bigger than the tiny cat breeds from above which may be great for anyone with little kids or dogs.

Singapuras also have distinct saucer-sized eyes and large ears that truly heighten their kitty essence. Ad Health is most important and integrity of your breeder is supporting that feature. Cute cat breeds that stay small.

Cat breeds that stay small forever. Skookums are small cats that are a hybrid of munchkin cats and laperm cats. Possessing a kitty size during their lifetimes their own bodies are petite and fragile and they often dont weigh over 5 lbs yep you heard right.

Small cat breeds with equally big appeal. Another mixed breed cat that runs small is the Bambino. Find your 4 legged Friend.

The Munchkin is definitely one of the cat breeds that stays small. The Singapura cat is the smallest breed of cat you can find thats not a kitten or teacup cat. Singapura Cat Small Cat Breeds Known among the tiniest cat breeds in the world that the Singapura is half of the magnitude of the ordinary cat.

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