Cute Cat Names Puns, We Rescued A Few Months Ago

Purr-larious Hiss-terical and Claw-ver Cat Jokes. Scratchasaurus Rex Another great name for cats that cant control their scratching.

Pin On Furry Friends

While strays caterwauling in the back alley may not exactly be music to your ears these punny cat names just might rock your world.

Cute cat names puns. Historical Cat Pun Names. Ill love my cat fur-ever. If your cat has a cool coat color and youd like to put an emphasis on that no better way to do it than by giving himher a punny name inspired by coat color.

Some of our favorite hiss-torical figures from the tails of our forefathers and foremothers top this list of cat names. Dogs are in-furior to cats. Go forth and pun my friend.

FEMALE CLEVER CAT NAMES. If you have any punny cat names to add to the list please share them in the comments. If a word contains anything vaguely similar to the cat sound we can sometimes make a very silly cat pun you can also use hyphens to emphasise the cat part for extra corniness.

We felt particularly claw-ver and came up with this list of the funniest cat puns memes. Cats are real characters ripe for funny cat pun names. Why not announce to the world that your cat is a star with a famous name to match.

Mittens Boots and Whiskers are fine for some but other cats deserve a more identifiable moniker. My cat is radi-claw. Also famous for the film Ghost which has a very iconic pottery scene.

Bing Clawsby Bing Crosby Bob Meowrley Bob Marley Careless Whisker Careless Whisper by George Michael. Mavis the founding master of Fairy Tail and a super cute name for a cat. Welcome to the punpedia entry on cat puns.

Mirajane this Fairy Tail guild barmaid has one of the coolest female names from. If you came here looking for bad cat puns then thats un-fur-tunate because we have a feline that our cat jokes are the best and were not kitten you. What is a Punny Cat Name.

By David Woods on May 10 2019 in Cats. That was a catastrophe. Clawdia Cat spin on the human name Cat Benetar Singer Juliet Catulet Character in Romeo Juliet Teri Scratcher Actress Whispurr Play on the word Catalie Portman Actress Pawdrey Pawdrey Hepburn Actress Margaret Scratcher British PM Tabbytha Human name Rachel Scratch Actress Gender-Neutral Cat Pun Names.

Furrnado Cortez The famous explorer makes for a nice punny cat name. Youve got purr. Thank you again for choosing I Still Want More Puppies for your pun-related needs.

Martin Luther Kitten Jr. 100 Cat Puns. Funny Cute Cat Names.

Whether youre looking for a laugh or searching for funny cat names for your kitten this list of 200 punny silly clever funny names for cats will help. Marvell No not after the comic empire but after young dragon slayer Wendy Marvell from the Fairy Tail anime. Including unisex male and funny female cat names.

Kitty Purry this singer has one of the best cat pun names for a kitty who loves to make mew-sic. Sabretooth For cats that scratch too much. Apri cat apricot boy catt boycott cat tage cottage di cat omy dichotomy psy cat ic psychotic ar cat ecture Connecticat catlery cutlery biscats biscuits mar-cat-place ar-cat-ype archetype.

Penetrating cat names name is a term used for identification. These funny cute cat names do their best to capture the feline comedian hidden inside your adorable new kitten or rescue cat. Lord Sheddington For long-haired cats that like to shed.

Unique Cute Cat Names. You will love these 100 Harry Potter cat names for male and female. Marie the cutest cat daughter of Duchess from The Aristocats.

Catrick Swayze this tabby only does dirty dancing when it rolls around in a muddy puddle. Cats have distinctive personalities deserving of very distinctive funny cat names. You know your kitty is ready for her closeup.

Tom Catterford the cool cat on Barks and Recreation Wil Fleaton.

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