Radioactive Iodine Treatment For Cats Melbourne

Like stable iodine, it is naturally concentrated in the thyroid gland. Even though your cat will be radioactive when it goes home, following our guide will ensure that any radiation exposure at home is well within the safe levels determined by the government.

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Radioactive iodine treatment for cats melbourne. The cat is given a capsule containing radioactive iodine, which is taken up into the gland and kills the gland tissue. Medication is often required more than once per day, which is. It is as easy as one injection just under the skin, much like a routine feline vaccine.

Hyperthyroid cats suffer overactive thyroid glands, circulating too much thyroid hormone through their system and affecting nearly every organ. While the treatment does require that your cat stay in the hospital in a special ward for several days, we pamper her with music, food and loving attention. The following specific considerations apply to.

Cats treated with radioactive iodine for their hyperthyroidism have several risks unrelated to the radioiodine therapy itself. Of feline hyperthyroidism cases without any adverse side effects. To find out if your cat is a good candidate, call us today and book an appointment.

An effective treatment for thyroid diseases Estimating the dose of radioactive iodine from clinical signs, total thyroxine (t4) and size of goitre as estimated These hormones play a large role in your pet’s metabolism and can cause major problems when they are not produced at normal levels.

Therefore, it has two claims to fame: Our bluepearl veterinary specialists can diagnose this condition and treat your cat, often with a single injection. What is radioactive iodine treatment?

The chronic elevation of circulating thyroid hormone levels in cats with hyperthyroidism leads to changes in their heart muscle that predispose them to developing heart failure. The ballarat veterinary practice offers radioactive iodine treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats. It is estimated that 10% of cats over ten of cats over the age of ten will develop the disease.

In july, we commissioned a radioactive iodine therapy unit at our point cook 24hr pet emergency centre. Unfortunately, cats who have concurrent renal failure are not candidates for radioactive iodine therapy. We offer the best value for money service in the sydney area.this section of our website is intended to help pet owners

Because hyperactive cells take up more iodine than normal ones, the radioactive iodine kills those overactive cells but not the normal tissue. Hyperthyroidism is a relatively common problem of older cats, usually caused by a benign, thyroid hormone secreting tumour. It is the same treatment that is often used for.

An over active thyroid gland, hyperthyroidism, is the most common hormonal disease seen in cats and the best way to cure it is radioactive iodine. We require a 50% deposit with. Radioactive iodine is recognised as the treatment of choice for this condition.

The hyperthyroid cat centre accept referrals for the gold standard treatment of affected cats, radioactive iodine (i131) therapy. A serious health hazard after nuclear accidents such as chernobyl or fukushima; Treatment with radioactive iodine ( radioiodine;

This is because they are much smaller than people and have smaller thyroid glands. Cats treated with radioactive iodine will have a survival time twice as long as cats treated with medications. Feline hyperthyroidism is one of the most common treatable diseases of cats in australia.

It is considered the most effective way of treating this disease as over95% of cats are permanently cured with a single treatment. But, back to cats, and siouxsie in particular: It has the advantage of being curative in most cases with no ongoing treatment required.

Treatment involves using medication or treatment with radioactive iodine. The waiting list for radioiodine therapy can sometimes be several months so book now. In the body it is used primarily by the thyroid gland (located in the neck) to produce thyroid hormones.

Radioactive iodine therapy offers a cure through a simple injection that returns thyroid function to normal levels. Radioactive iodine (i 131) is the safest, best, and ultimately least costly lifetime treatment for virtually all hyperthyroid cats. A single radioactive iodine dose is curative in around 95 per cent of all hyperthyroid cats, but following treatment, occasional blood tests are recommended to ensure normal thyroid hormone levels are being maintained.

Treatment with radioactive iodine is a very safe procedure for your cat, is not at all painful and has no serious side effects. Radioactive iodine has many advantages over medication. Once a cat gets the therapy, she’s cured of hyperthyroidism.

There are no radiation side effects for treated cats, owing to the selective uptake of radioactive iodine by “abnormal” thyroid cells. The treatment is extremely safe for your cat, it is not at all painful, and does not cause any serious side effects. The radioactive iodine is administered by a single injection or capsule, which then destroys the.

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