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Munchkin cats are adorable and lovable like many other breeds except their legs are 3 inches shorter in than usual. In 2005 Pat and Stephanie Osborne from Holy Moly Cattery established the breed.

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This corgi-like shape cat breed have captured the hearts of many cat lovers across the nation and have probably caused a lot of controversy in the cat world.

Cutest munchkin cat breeds. Almost all cat breeds can be given the Munchkin genes and as you can see the Munchkin cat price is generally on the high side. Many have considered the Munchkin Cat breed to be a Genetic Disease or Mutation regarded as cruelty with concerns to the Cats well-being. The Bambino cat is a crossbreed between a Munchkin cat and a Sphynx cat.

Think of the Munchkin breed. Much of the time have twofold blue eyes which are very cute and adorable. Officially breed of cat with short legs was recognized at the TICA show in new York in the spring of 1991 although it appeared much earlier.

Calico Munchkin 1000. So a Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat was created. Bengal cats are one of the newer cat breeds a combination of the asian leopard cat and a US domestic cat.

Two of its best known derived breeds are the Napoleon and the Kinkalow. In certain countries breeding of this breed. Even with their genetic mutation they lead a reasonably normal life living between 15 and 18 years.

Top 8 Munchkin Cat Breeds. Kinkalow Munchkin x American Curl 5. Anytime you have guests there will be quite a bit of attention paid directly to the cat.

Its seriously cute and its the kind of cat that certainly gets attention. 11 Affectionate Cat Breeds That Just Want to Cuddle Female munchkin kittens grow up to be between 5 and 7 pounds while adult males are generally around 7-10 pounds. Lambkin Munchkin x Selkirk Rex 6.

Male cats can weigh between 30 to 40 Kg while females usually weigh between 20 to 36 Kg. Minskin Munchkin x Sphynx 7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but some cats are widely considered cuter than most.

Munchkin cats look like your average house cat but they have very short legs. There are a lot of cute cat breeds but with his distinctive curled ears the Scottish Fold certainly catches eyes. We are a little raiser of wonderful house in the Munchkin cats breed and kittens.

This is another mixed breed that not everyone is going to find as cute. Fun Fact Despite the Munchkins unique short legs and cute appearance it is not a recognized breed to many Cat Registries such as the CFA Cat Fanciers Association a veteran Show Judge even resigned as a sign of protest against the Munchkin breed. This intelligent cat breed loves a puzzle or a game and playing fetch.

Bambino Munchkin x Sphynx 2. This breed is moderately playful and bonds closely with their families and their temperament is calm and largely undemanding. Burmilla cats are one of the cutest and cuddliest kitties youll find.

Munchkin Kittens 900 to 3000. It was developed in 1996 and has become a beloved breed ever since. From short and stout to large and in charge cats vary in terms of looks.

But what you get with a Snookum is a tiny curly permed cat with munchkin legs. Theyre all adorable but we think these cute cat breeds are the cutest. Their cute short legs a result of pseudoachondroplasia come from their Munchkin side and the hairlessness comes from the Sphynx side.

Those cuties short legs do not prevent them from enjoying life and running around though their jumping capabilities may be affected. Relatively young but already very popular on the Internet the cat is korotkolapye representative of breed Munchkin. Below are 20 of the cutest breeds to help you find your next ideal feline companion.

While one person may say a particular breed is cute and another person may say its ugly its hard to argue the 18 breeds attractiveness on this list. AT MUNCHKIN CATTERY WE FEED OUR MUNCHKIN KITTENS AND CATSROYAL CANIN FOODS. Button button The Spruce Pets.

There are many great cat breeds available but many cat lovers are still looking for newer and more beautiful options. The Ragdoll is a large and powerful cat with beautiful hair. Skookum Munchkin x LaPerm Related.

White Wish Munchkin 1300. Their look incorporates the tiny legs of the Munchkin and the short snout of the Persiantaking on the best of both worlds. These cute curious cats are known for snatching shiny objects so dont be surprised if these magpies borrow your favorite piece of jewelry.

Show Quality Munchkin Cat Price 2000. The LaPerm Turkish Angora Maine Coon and Siberian breeds are among our favorites. Theyre all adorable but we think these cute cat breeds are the cutest.

Dwelf Munchkin x Sphynx x American Curl 3. Of course any Napoleon cat can take on more traits of either parent. White Blue-Eyed Munchkin 1600.

The Scottish Fold Munchkin cat as suspected is a cross between a Scottish Fold and a Munchkin cat resulting in a friendly feline pal that is perfect for almost every home. Every one of our grown-ups are TICA CFA Cats. They are considered as.

This breed of cats has its origin in Britain in the 1940s. Male Munchkin Cat Price 500 to 1500. So if youre looking for a cute cat breed that stays small they are a great option.

Munchkin cats are one of the strangest-looking cat breeds perhaps due to their unique short legs. These adorable sacks of fur bring together in one sweet package a mixture of the Burmese and Chinchilla. He is also a curious kitty who is quite easy going so well suited to travel and outdoor adventures.

The bright-eyed Napoleon cat is a cross between the Munchkin and Persian. The Munchkin cat has no problem getting around the same as its longer-limbed feline friends it just might take them a few extra steps along the way. REGISTER WITH TICACFA.

Genetta Munchkin x Savannah x Bengal 4. Napoleon Munchkin x Persian 8. These affectionate cats are energetic and playful.

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