Cutest Cat Breed British Shorthair

The Munchkin is a controversial cat breed. The British Shorthair is a feline version of a big bouncing human baby with dense fur.

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WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY We are a family owned and operated breeder of quality British Short Hair Kittens.

Cutest cat breed british shorthair. They have the infamous British blue coat paired with orange eyes and they have medium sizes. The coat of this cat breed is dense and thick and it grows thicker and longer during the winter. The oldest of all British cat breeds this breed traces its lineage back to Roman domestic cats.

It is a loving cat and it does look beautiful but the so-called sausage cat got and retained its short legs through the intentional breeding of cats with genetic deformities. Hes just weeks old and learning to play with his owners hand. Nevertheless British Shorthairs held their own until the chaos of World War II decimated the breed along with most other European breeds as well.

After the war efforts were dedicated to preserving the British Shorthair breed. Tiny British Shorthair kitten learning to play. The offspring were then mated to British Shorthairs.

Hes wide-eyed and curious and rolling around and loving the attention. Incredibly the British Shorthair cat nearly became extinct during the first world war and along with many other breeds was nearly wiped out again by the end of the second world war. The legs of this breed are strong and thick.

Their short little ears their beautiful fluffy fur they are totally cuddly and this little kitten is adorable. Nearly everything on the British Shorthair is roundthese cats have a round head bright round eyes chubby cheeks round. A breed which is much less well known is the British Longhair.

About the British Shorthair Cat Breed. The eyes should be you guessed it round and large. They have broad faces denser coats and stockier builds compared to the regular kitties.

You could argue that this breed is even more acute. The coat colour for this variety has deep red markings on a ground colour of pale silvery cream. Thats why it is cute.

The cat looks like an alert watch cat that was developed to keep rats out of the house and barn. British Shorthair Kitten. Predator-like grace lightning speed high jumping and the ability to quickly scale trees and get back down again were not bred into the Shorthairs toolbox.

Coyotes wild dogs wild pigs other large wild cats and even bears in certain circumstances can all be threats to a British Shorthair more so than other breeds or mixed breeds. Red silver tabby coloured British Shorthair cats This is a vivid and vibrant colouration with a rather more pronounced degree of contrast than the conventional ginger tabby cat. It took many generations to bring the breed back to their former glory but eventually they prevailed.

This breed makes some of the cutest babies. In an effort to save Britains favorite cat British Shorthair breeders introduced Persians to their bloodlines ultimately creating British Longhair cats. The British Shorthair consist of a well-built muzzle strong jaws muscular neck and a broad chest.

British Shorthair breeds are traditional domestic cats found in many homes in the UK. Vaccinations Up-to-Date Parents tested HCM PKD FELV FIV all negative 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee very adaptable to new environments. After the war breeders attempted to re-establish the breed due to low numbers Persian cats were sometimes bred with British Shorthairs.

Our original thoroughbred little cat sandy whose name. What does that remind you of. The breed once again declined after WWII and the Persian was used to increase the gene pool.

This is one of the oldest English cat breeds and this calm quiet feline has earned a place in households and hearts in Britain and beyond for his easygoing manner. Some are known to develop other color. The cats nose leather and paw pads should be a nice rich red.

10 Weeks Old. A baby is the answer.

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