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Besides sit roll over wave and come this breed can fetch a small toy or walk on a leash. Some owners have been known to teach Burmese cats to.

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The Munchkin breed originates in the United States.

Cute playful cat breeds. The average life span is between 10-15 years. We picked out some of the cutest cat breeds for you to look through. This breed is moderately playful and bonds closely with their families and their temperament is calm and largely undemanding.

They have been said to be quite puppy like maintaining a kitten style playfulness on into adulthood. While Burmese cats may not be the most independent of felines they are indeed one of the most playful cat breeds. It is a domestic cat that has a shape of M on its forehead formed by the combination of stripes and patterns present on its coat.

It is a small to medium sized cat reaching 5 to 9 pounds at maturity. Japanese Bobtails are known for the love of fetching running and jumping. With early conditioning car rides and vet visits will be a breeze.

His coat is beautiful and long and he has an undeniably gorgeous face as well as a melodic voice. The Japanese Bobtail is often seen as one of the most playful cat breeds. Despite their appearance and large size Bengals are domestic cats with charming personalities and affectionate nature.

Siamese are known for being vocal but they are also very affectionate and extremely playful. Japanese Bobtail A Bundle Of Playfulness. Although the Birman usually isnt as active as some other cat breeds he can have a seriously playful side.

They are loyal and are great jumpers as well. Health is most important and integrity of your breeder is supporting that feature. This cute cat breed is intelligent and tends to the quieter side but loves people and exhibits a sweet and agreeable personality.

They are also affectionate trainable and intelligent. If soft and gentle suits you and your home opt for one of the lower energy breeds. Here the list of 10 most beautiful cat breeds in the world.

Theyre curious and playful which means with a ball of yarn an Abyssinian and your kid you just bought 10 minutes to take a shower uninterrupted. These cats originated from the Whichianmat landrace Wichien Maata descendent of the cats of Thailandpreviously known as Siam. Ad Find a good breeder now.

Here they are in alphabetical order and if your kitty isnt on the list it doesnt mean she isnt playful. Striking blue eyes silky coat and a serene demeanor set the Birman apart. Beautiful regal and full of life Siamese cats are one of the most active feline breeds.

This easy going cat is playful agile and intelligent and enjoys being a lap cat. Basically theyre the beagle of cats. Some might think that all cats look the same but there are actually over 70 breeds of cats.

Another spotted cat that makes the list of the most playful breed is the fun-loving Bengal. In general Bengals are always in motion and you can expect them to explore every nook of the house no matter how high. The playful nature of cute cats adds joy and happiness to our life.

Just be sure to save this cuddly breed a little room in your lap after your play session. This is because it is a friendly affectionate and quiet cat with a playful and energetic spirit. The Burmese is an energetic and friendly breed that loves to engage with its people.

The breed usually enjoys fetch and playing with interactive toys. Siamese are actually one of the most popular breeds of North America and Europe. Perhaps the best known of the fluffy breeds the Persian is also one of the most popular purebred cat breeds.

If you want a cat that absolutely adores you and will play for. These cats are clever adaptable playful and trainable. Here are some of the most playful cat breeds.

Its a mix between a Persian and an American Shorthair and its about as sweet playful adorable and loyal as you get. The coat is short to long plush and silky. Whats not to love about this breed.

This is a hybrid cat breed with a tall and slim body. Well that coat does require a. We offer a list of breeders for many different breeds of cats.

Now that you know some of the common cat characteristics its time to unveil a whole litter of fun. 15- 20 years. The Most Playful Cat Breeds The Play By Play.

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