June 2019

Trying Bandung city tour bus for pleasure

Bandung, the capital city of West Java, is also known popularly as Kota Kembang or the city of flowers. It is among the most popular tourist destination for both local and international tourists in Indonesia. In order to give recreation experience and to attract more tourists to visit Bandung, the government there provides Bandung city tour bus. The local people named it as Bandros. It is the short version of Bandung Tour on Bus. The buses were released on January 2018 for the first trial. It has been nearly two years then. There are many buses available now for your riding option. These buses were designed to take tourist sightseeing in the center city of tour bandung.

I got my first riding with Bandros during my short stay in Bandung last month. It was very exciting and nice experience. For your information, the Bandros serve tourists every day. You can find it from 9 a.m. in the morning until 4 p.m. in the afternoon. When you are in Bandung city tour bus, it is very easy to spot Bandros. The buses go with eye-catching color. There are pink, red, yellow, blue and purple. Its color differ the route and different destination. The buses mostly cover in the main city area only. Don’t worry.

You will pass many tourist spots

In order to ride Bandros, you should come to the shelter. There will be a guide in the bus. She/he will give you information related to places that you pass by. You will understand Bandung historical story as well. As for the ticket, you have to pay two thousand rupiah for each person. The ticket can only be used for one way. You can buy a ticket directly from the staff inside the bus. In normal conditions, you will get on the bus with 27 other tourists for one hour to enjoy Bandung City. The traffic can influence the tour duration.

I once took Bandros with Blue color. The bus started from Bandung city square. It drove me to see Cibaduyut, Leuwi Panjang park, Sri Baduga, and Regol square. The bus stopped at Buah Batu Square for the final shelter. There was approximately fifteen minutes break for tourists. My guide was very friendly and funny. It was a pleasant trip with Brandos. I suggest you try riding this city tour bus. You will not have any regrets as you will have a wonderful time. I love Bandung city tour bus.